No, none.

What … so … ever.

Well … 

… research over the last 40 years* has highlighted 6 major areas of workplace life which can lead to burnout.


These are they:

1 Workload

Sometimes job demands exceed human limits and resources to fulfil the requirements.

2 Control

A sense of personal autonomy in the workplace is vital.

3 Reward

Insufficient reward (whether financial, institutional, or social) increases our vulnerability to burnout.

4 Community

The overall quality of social interaction at work is key. 

This includes issues of conflict, mutual support, closeness and the capacity to work as a team.

5 Fairness

It’s important that decisions affecting us in the workforce are perceived as being fair and equitable.

6 Values

The aspirations that originally attracted people to their jobs need to be nurtured. 

They’re the main motivating connections between worker and workplace.


Maybe do a quick burnout self-audit?

(More info via the link in comments below)

So, how will you do this year?



(* Maslach, C. and Leiter, M. P. (2008), ‘Early Predictors of Job Burnout and Engagement’, Journal of Applied Psychology, 93, pp.498-512)