Anti-burnout #1: Recognising 12 steps to burnout

The last few weeks have been chaotic and alarming for pretty much everyone. Especially for medics and the vulnerable. Some groups are at high risk, but no-one is safe. Covid-19 does not discriminate. Even the young and healthy have been struck down. And vast tracts of the world are locked down in a silent dystopia. This is the first in a series of blogs on the overlaps between the social

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Anti-burnout #1: Recognising 12 steps to burnout2021-06-09T11:32:50+01:00


What is single session therapy (SST)? It’s where a therapist and client work together to help the client in one session, knowing that more help is available if needed.   Can you explain the process involved in your SST work? Briefly: 1 You fill in the short form on the Contact page. (I check it and email you with more details and a short questionnaire.) 2 You return the questionnaire.

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