Not a banquet. Just a supper. 

No fancy takeaways. Just simple home cooking. 

Not rocket science. More domestic science. 

Mix. Cook. Eat. 

So, you may ask, how do I write (or update) my firm’s wellbeing policy?

1 Find a recipe … 

(here’s an example of how some barristers set about it) then … 

2 gather the ingredients … 


What are we aiming for? 


Who will be involved?

What’s the timescale?)

3 mix them up, then … 

(Start drafting then sharing then editing.

Remember: the purpose of the first draft is just to exist. It will be rough and ready. That’s the point.)

4 pop in the oven … 

(Circulate the document to everyone (yes, everyone) for feedback.)

5 set the timer … 

(Give people time to respond and set a deadline.)

6 check a few times until the pinger pings … 

(Reflect and edit again.)

7 and consume … 

(Go live, with in-house and out-of-house people / orgs. in place.)

8 and repeat …

(Set timers for regular reviews. 

Ongoing feedback. 

“Build, measure, learn” (Eric Ries)

And repeat.

And repeat.)