Here’s a selection of some things I’ve written and said over the last decade or so:

Get help! (Patent Lawyer Magazine / LawCare. May 2023)

How to improve the mental health of lawyers (in 20 simple steps) (Solicitors Journal. October 2022)

Lawyer wellbeing in crisis (The Impact Lawyers. November 2021)

Sidestepping burnout (Modern Lawyer. October 2021)

Life in the Law (The Impact Lawyers. September 2021)

Beating burnout (stress management webinar for the Conveyancing Foundation, April 2021)

Toxic productivity (Law Management Section, The Law Society, April 2021)

Future Lawyer mental health and wellbeing interview (Lawbore blog, March 2021)

Book review: Vicarious Trauma in the Legal Profession: a practical guide to trauma, burnout and collective care (The Law Society Gazette. March 2021)

When life goes into the red (LawCare blog, March 2021)

The value of talking (The Legal Mind podcast, LawCare, January 2021)

Anti-burnout #2: Avoiding Covid Burnout (The Impact Lawyers. August 2020)

Book review: Lawyer Health and Wellbeing (The Law Society Gazette. June 2020)

Anti-burnout #1: Recognising 12 steps to burnout (The Impact Lawyers. April 2020)

Lawyer Burnout: What is it and what can we do about it? (The Impact Lawyers. February 2020)

When life goes into the red (guest blog for SBA- The Solicitors’ Charity. March 2020)

Wellbeing and lawyer competence (October 2019)

5 ways to check for signs of stress (May 2018)

Chapter in Tackling Partner Underperformance by Nick Jarrett-Kerr (Ark, 2018)

Blue Monday – urban myth? (January 2017)

Interview with Being Lawyers on A Lawyer’s Guide (December 2016)

Recognising and responding to burnout (October 2016)

Perfectionists and psychopaths (September 2016)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Wellbeing and Managing Stress (ARK Group, 2015)

Groups and Godot (October 2013)

What the Dickens? PTSD and rehab (March 2009)