Even with the best systems in place, there rarely seems to be enough time to do what’s needed.

25 hour days please. 

A lot of wellbeing tips focus on the internal (aka keeping calmer to feel in control) and that’s important.

What’s often overlooked is how we can help ourselves better by controlling the external. 

Two things: tasks & time – and two people who have thought it through: 

Macro – sorting tasks.

I’ve found ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen hugely practical. 

Having a system that that we have made our own for capturing every idea and task, then organising and prioritising can be liberating.

Yes, we all know this, but how often do things get out of control?

Micro – sorting time.

Check out ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport. 

Some takeaways:

Work deeply: 

Create blocks of time for focused work and eliminate distractions.

Embrace boredom:

Learn to resist the constant urge for distraction and create time for solitude and focus.

Leave social media (or use it with intention): 

It can be a major distraction, and reducing or eliminating it from work life can enhance our ability to focus deeply.

‘Drain the shallows’: 

Minimise routine (‘shallow’) work as much as possible by streamlining work processes, delegating tasks, and setting clear priorities.