Over the years clients have said …


Brilliant … thank you so much

Incredibly helpful

… an amazing help through what has been the most difficult time/experience

Thank you … the work you do and what has been done for me is amazing

Very very helpful

The support was crucial and gave me the space to reflect on challenging situations

It’s helped to join the dots

Very valuable and helpful

I’m feeling a bit clearer

I would and will recommend you

He was a really nice understanding guy and also a great listener

Really useful

The ability to have a zoom call instead of a face-to-face meeting was really appreciated

It was really good to have someone neutral to chat to

I never realised how helpful talking could be

Insights into childhood origins of problems

Having a safe space to ramble and have this presented back to me

Good – excellent

I dreaded counselling. On reflection (without it) I couldn’t have survived the last six months

I cannot thank Angus … enough for helping come out the other side of it