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A while back I wrote a book for lawyers about wellbeing. In it I used three fictional case studies to illustrate aspects of professionals' experience. This piece is about Andrew, an anxious lawyer trying to cope on his own with increasing demands. The internal pressures faced by lawyers are really no different to those we all face. Anxiety has no favourites.   ...   When I look back on all

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  Please check through this agreement before making a booking. Making a booking and payment for a single session or for ongoing therapy creates a legally binding contract between you, the client, and me, Angus Lyon (trading as Restart One).   Single session work. Each single-session lasts for up to 75 minutes and includes a short follow-up phone call.  Ongoing therapy (both time-limited and open-ended work). Each session lasts for

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Another old post - but maybe more relevant than ever in covid times:   Now adopted by police forces across the UK and overseas, Project Griffin was developed by the City of London Police and introduced in central London over a decade ago with the Metropolitan police force to advise and train organisations on security and counter-terrorism. In the project it has been seen that victims respond in different ways

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This post is adapted from a piece I wrote for a law journal a while back. It’s written for lawyers, but the principles apply to everyone.   “A psychopath? Who? Me?”  When we hear the word we probably first associate it with serial killers and mass murderers, a Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter, a Hitler or a Stalin.  But a recent article drew attention to research indicating that lawyers came second

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Over the last few years since publication of my Lawyer’s Guide book I’ve given presentations for various work sectors, including law, business, local government and education. Here are some links that have been useful when working with clients from different backgrounds:   FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING Practical evidence-based lifestyle guidance. There’s a lot of information out there about the 5 Ways. This guide from Devon NHS sets it out more

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Press ‘Pause’ #1

Sometimes things can get a bit too much. Pressing 'pause' can help. Lots. Even if it's just for a few short minutes. Here's a simple exercise to help to slow things down - all you have to be able to do is to count up to five.    Using the fingers of one hand and spending about one minute on each finger: 1 Concentrate on your breathing. Don't try to

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