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I am a therapist who also writes. I currently work as a single-session therapist. By training I am a psychodynamic and solution-focused counsellor and am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy... Read more


Over the years clients have said …   “Brilliant … thank you so much Incredibly helpful … an amazing help through what has been the most difficult time/experience Thank you … the work you do and what has been done for me is amazing Very very helpful The support was crucial and gave me the space to reflect on challenging situations It's helped to join the dots Very valuable and

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Ever wish you could be slightly better organised? (11&12/20)

Even with the best systems in place, there rarely seems to be enough time to do what’s needed. 25 hour days please.  A lot of wellbeing tips focus on the internal (aka keeping calmer to feel in control) and that’s important. What’s often overlooked is how we can help ourselves better by controlling the external.  Two things: tasks & time - and two people who have thought it through:  Macro

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Ever wish you could be slightly better organised? (11&12/20)2023-10-03T12:30:01+01:00

Who loves a bully? (10/20)

Lawyers bully. Maybe not most. Maybe a few. But lots do. And politicians too, it seems. Not a fun thing to think about, I know. But did you know that 22% of participants in a recent study on UK lawyer wellbeing said they had experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination in the workplace? 22%! That's over one in five … Or that a recent IBA report found that where bullying and harassment

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Mindful business charter (9/20)

More FREE dust of gold … For anyone looking for a fresh approach to how best to look after all staff the Mindful Business Charter is an inspiring place to start. The Charter is a set of best practice, behavioural principles to tackle and reduce avoidable stress in the workplace. It was created by everyone’s favourite professionals (lawyers and bankers). And it’s applicable to all businesses, mega and micro. More

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No such thing as a FREE lunch … but, wait, is there? (8/20) 

No free grub, but ‘(insert your favourite food)-tasting’ nourishment for creating a happier workplace. They’ve opened the vaults and you can help yourself. For FREE …  Originally written by lawyers for lawyers but IMHO a brilliant easy-to-follow guide which could help transform how you think about wellbeing in your workplace.  ANY workplace. Anywhere.  And it’s free … Written in 2019 and not widely known (probably because we were all distracted

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No such thing as a FREE lunch … but, wait, is there? (8/20) 2023-05-25T14:08:33+01:00

5 ways to wellbeing – hiding in plain sight (7/20)

They always say time changes things, but you have to change them for yourself. (Andy Warhol)   Stuff happens.  Things happen around us and to us. Sometimes we have little or no control over changing circumstances and events. But always there are things that we can do to make things better. Whether you’re preparing for a three hour mock exam or a two-day cross-examination, setting up innumerable completions for Friday

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5 ways to wellbeing – hiding in plain sight (7/20)2023-05-25T13:50:05+01:00
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