What is single-session counselling (also known as single-session therapy, or SST)?

It’s where a therapist and client work together to help the client in one session, knowing that more help is available if needed.

“where a therapist and client …”
It involves two people. You and me.

“work together …”
It’s a joint endeavour.
The work may feel like counselling, therapy, guidance, coaching, or mentoring. That will depend on what’s currently troubling you.
We work together to help You.

“to help the client …”
And look at resources available to you which may not seem obvious or which are just waiting to be tapped into – things within you and around you.
We look at ways to help you take a first step away from whatever’s been holding you back.
As someone said, ‘There’s often little wrong with us that what’s right can’t fix’.

“in one session …”
One online or phone session of up to 75 minutes. And a short follow up phone call a few weeks later.

“knowing that more help is available if needed”
Often a client will find that one session is sufficient to begin to tackle a problem. Momentum is gained. The cogs get oiled.
Where you would like to talk further we can discuss the options of a further single session after some time has passed, or arrange a block of weekly sessions (see below) or signpost to an experienced therapist local to you.

Video conferencing online or phone?
The option is yours.
If we hold the session online, I will set up a meeting.
If we speak on the phone, I will call you.

What’s the process?

Just fill in the enquiry form on the Contact page and I will get back to you promptly.

We arrange a mutually convenient date and time to meet. You pay the session fee of £60 and then I confirm the appointment with joining details.

At the session we discuss what’s troubling you and think through ways of moving on. Before the session ends we book a time for a follow up phone call. I will confirm this by email after the session.

The fee covers all steps up to and including the follow up call.

What if I’m looking into single-session work for someone else?

Maybe you’re interested in getting help for a family member or a friend or employee or want to find out more about setting up an employee assistance arrangement? If so, please contact me

And what if I would like some further sessions?

If you would like to work with me after the single session we can talk through the options.

Generally these would be to book a further single session (with follow up call) after a few months or to arrange six to 12 sessions of weekly therapy.

The regular weekly sessions last 50 minutes and take place at the same time each week.

And if I would like more than this?

I would usually suggest open-ended therapy. This continues for as long as you wish.

We would meet weekly online or by phone.
Sessions last 50 minutes.

My model of working on an open-ended basis is ‘psychodynamic psychotherapy’. Have a look under the ‘What types of psychotherapy are there?’ tab on this page for a description of the psychodynamic model of therapy.

The work may take a few months to a few years – as long as you wish.

For more details, click on the FAQs tab below.

For a copy of the client agreement, click here.