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For many of us ‘well-being’ has become ‘ill-being’. Having given training for groups* over the last while I’ve learned a few things about the pressures we all face, especially if we’re running a business. And that sometimes it’s good to be selfish. As we’re told before every flight, “put on your own oxygen mask first, before attempting to help those around you”. And sometimes we need to think of ourselves

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Here's a selection of some things I've written and said over the last decade or so: Get help! (Patent Lawyer Magazine / LawCare. May 2023) How to improve the mental health of lawyers (in 20 simple steps) (Solicitors Journal. October 2022) Lawyer wellbeing in crisis (The Impact Lawyers. November 2021) Sidestepping burnout (Modern Lawyer. October 2021) Life in the Law (The Impact Lawyers. September 2021) Beating burnout (stress management webinar

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Over the last 30 years or so diverse groups from global corporations to children in primary schools have used a method devised by Edward de Bono for using complementary skills and abilities in decision-making. He contended that decision making by argument is inefficient, ineffective and extremely slow. And it was never designed to be constructive. This is of course the antithesis of an adversarial approach which comes as first nature

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Here's another five step sequence to think about the underlying dynamics in the relationship from both persons’ perspectives. This is informed by Berne's Transactional Analysis (TA) parent-adult-child model.    1 Breathe.    2 Parent. Is one or other person taking a dominant or dictatorial role in the conversation? Are they being directive? Is this appropriate? (Clue: in most adult relationships adults are expected to act like grown-ups and to treat

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So, let's say you're talking with someone and you want to know more clearly what might be on their mind or what they might be feeling. Try this five step sequence, using your fingers if you like, to help you to be curious about what might be going on for them:   1 Breathe Firstly, simply be aware of your breathing. This will help focus.   2 Face Next, what

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